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Our Management

Kusnadi, ST

President Director

Kusnadi is the President Director at Swamedia Informatika. Leading Swamedia Informatics since 2002, Kusnadi and his teams have made many valuable achievements in serving clients through strategic leadership.

Arfi Fitranda, MT, PMP

Director of Enterprise Business and Solutions

Focusing on providing revenue for companies, Arfi Fitranda created 3 specialization needs, namely billing, middleware, and strategic for enterprise level.

Hasan Taufiq, ST

Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Hasan Taufig has collaborated with many companies from various industries, such as telecommunications, transportation, military, and others.

Deddy Novrandianto, ST

Director of HCGA & Finance

As a Director of Human Capital & Finance, Deddy Novrandianto and his team are responsible for creating innovative and strategic policies to develop employee potential and find the best talents.

Ariful Fajar

Billing System Manager

As Billing System Manager, Ariful Fajar is experienced in fulfilling clients' billing needs in the telecommunications industry.

Wahyu Kahono

Manager Digital Ecosystem Solutions

As manager of the Digital Ecosystem Solution (DES) unit, Wahyu Kahono envisions providing the best and most timely solutions to clients. So the main mission of this unit is to craft competent talent with digital solutions competencies and build a well-structured and controlled delivery mechanism.

Andri Kurniawan

Strategic Enterprise Solutions Manager

As Manager of the Strategic Enterprise Solution (SES) unit, Andri Kurniawan divides his unit into Strategic Enablement, Product Specialist, and Service Delivery. Each focuses on its specialization, competency, and value-added.

Deded Syafril

Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager is strategically responsible for finding and maintaining customers and ensuring that the business runs sustainably.

About Us

Swamedia was founded in 1999 in the form of CV. Swamedia Insan Informatika. In 2002 it transformed into PT. Swamedia Informatika, domiciled in Bandung. With the motto innovative IT Solution, client satisfaction is our mission. We offer innovative and comprehensive information & communication technology solutions to provide work results that are reliable, safe and customized, but at very competitive prices. After two decades of running, many results have been achieved. Capabilities, mastery of technology and experience (portfolios) have developed very significantly. BUMN, government agencies and the private sector have used our services, and the Telecommunications Industry is our loyal client.

Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to become a leading company that prioritizes the strength of solutions and competence in the field of information and communication technology to provide stakeholder satisfaction.


  • Providing the best service to achieve customer satisfaction by serving guaranteed work quality, speed, and accuracy with competitive prices
  • Increasing capabilities and optimizing human resources to be superior and have integrity
  • Optimizing the use of technology that is reliable, safe and affordable
  • Building a research center and company portfolio
  • Building strategic and synergistic partnerships with clients and partners based on the principle of mutual benefit

Our Core Values


Responsive and proactive to technological and business developments and needs



Contribute positively to the environment and society



Have integrity in attitude and speech



Obedient and loyal to rules and responsibilities



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