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System Integration using webMethods


  • System integration
  • webMethods
  • API gateway

Business Challenges

Currently, Biofarma has many systems running. That being the case, a challenge arises where these systems should be integrated within the company properly and effectively. The realization of the integration process between systems requires an API (Application Programming Interface).

To achieve optimal results, a strong collaboration between the client’s team and Swamedia Informatika’s team is essential. As a System Integration service provider, Swamedia Informatika is deeply committed to fostering collaboration and cooperation with clients. This commitment ensures that in the future, we will consistently provide technological updates, enabling companies to incorporate Information Technology & Systems development into their long-term planning.


An API is an interface that connects one application with other applications. APIs are used as intermediaries for exchanging data between various applications, either within the same or across platforms. Using APIs allows developers to add specific functions or features to an application without having to rewrite the entire code. APIs also enable developers to access data from other applications. For example, when developers add a payment feature to an application, they do not need to create the feature themselves but can use the API payment gateway provided by another system, making the application processing time faster.


Swamedia Informatika, serving as the implementor for SoftwareAG, has constructed an integration platform within the API Factory at Biofarma utilizing the webMethods API Gateway platform. This serves as a comprehensive solution for the development, testing, and monitoring of all services within the Biofarma system. The CI/CD tools selected are commonly embraced by the community of developers, including Jenkins. These tools facilitate seamless process automation from Gitlab, Maven, Sonarqube to deployment in OKD—a community-based container platform.


The webMethods API Gateway effectively integrates systems within Biofarma, enabling the exposure of APIs as Open APIs that are centrally managed and monitored by the WebMethods API Gateway. This empowers developers to easily set up, manage, and monitor APIs within the Biofarma system.

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