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The Transformation of Customs Compliance: Loccana Success Story


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Business Challenges

PT Celebit Circuit Technology Indonesia is a company bonded zone whose main production is Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). Their challenge is maintaining customs compliance, especially the manual procedure that is vulnerable to errors and delay. Also, the separated manufacturing process adds up to the operational complexity.

With Loccana, formerly complex and separated processes are now integrated and automatic. Hence, the company's operational activities run smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, Loccana helps to reduce delays in the customs process and hinders the emergence of errors. Loccana's implementation success story gives positive outcomes for integration solutions.




Loccana plays a key role in increasing customs compliance. By integrating all manufacturing aspects from production to delivery, Loccana ensures operational efficiency and automation throughout the customs process.


The implementation of Loccana brings a positive change within the company. An integrated manufacturing process and customs automation brings in a significant efficiency, that is a decline in customs delay and error. As a result, the company can achieve on-time delivery as well as an increase in customs compliance.

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