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WSO2 offers several capabilities for

  • API management
  • integration
  • customer identity and access management (CIAM)

Having been helping companies, organizations, governments, and universities since 2005, WSO2 provides capabilities for them to harness the full power of their APIs, and securely deliver digital services.

Swamedia Informatika, as the official Value-Added Partner of WSO2 in Indonesia, will help you to build your digital platform and unleash your potential.

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WSO2 API Manager

Build, integrate, secure, and expose your managed APIs in cloud, on-premises, or even hybrid architecture. WSO2 API Manager will help you with just that.

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WSO2 Identity Server

Create CIAM solutions using APIs that are efficient and provide dependable, adaptable, and future-proof identity platforms to customers. Enable users to access management with consistent security while adhering to privacy and data requirements.

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