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Talent & Career Management is a web application on talent management to create and develop the company's talents. Also, it offers transparency and objectivity in managing the employee career plan. The solutions it offers are Talent Management and Career Management which are explained below.

  1. Talent: It offers some functions in Talent Source, Talent Classification, and Parameter Management.
  2. Career: This feature is about Employee Career Plan (ECP), Management Career Plan (MCP), Fit & Proper, and Sidang Jabatan.

With ITMS, the company will receive benefits, such as:

  1. More organized talent management
  2. An increase in employee's courage in deciding their career path in the company
  3. Better career plan management as talents have an idea of what their career path will be.
  4. Transparent career appraisal

Technologies used are PHP Laravel for the Front End and PHP Lumen for the Back End.



  • Human Resource
  • Talent Management
  • Telecommunication

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